The team of City Angels is made up of around 45 volunteers of all ages. They are mainly drawn from churches across the city of Chichester. Without this amazing team City Angels would have just remained a good idea.

Our City Angels come from all walks of life. They are currently drawn from 8 different churches across Chichester. All our volunteers are over 18 years old with and our oldest volunteer is in her 90's!

Lee Nancarrow
City Angels is led by Lee Nancarrow who is one of the leaders at Revelation Family Church on their staff team.

My thoughts:

City Angels has been running for over 6 years now and I have been blown away by what we have achieved in partnership. Statistically with crime rates it has been outstanding. There has been a 61% reduction in alcohol related admittances to A&E at St Richards (our local hospital). Anti Social Behaviour has been reduced by 58%. Violent Crime has been reduced by 67% and if we look at Acts of Violence on a person which then results in injury there has been an 82% reduction. I was expecting change but that is unprecedented.

But it is not just the statistics that are amazing. I love to read all the emails of thanks that I receive regularly from people who are so grateful about the way we looked after them and ensure they were looked after and get home safely.

What we do is changing our city and I am honoured and privileged to say thank you to our team of over 60 volunteers who stand out in the cold, rain, snow and wind to love people beyond the call of duty and when someone says what do you do with your time? they can honestly say I am part of a team that lowered crime by 82%, lowered A&E admittances by 61% and loves people that could easily have come to harm if we were not there.

Not a bad answer to that question is it.


Linda Roberts

I'm the City Angels' Administrator and I'm very passionate about street outreach work. I have a background of full time street outreach in London, working with street sex workers and homeless people. I saw the benefits first hand of providing a listening ear and a place of refuge during my time in London. I've also been involved in street outreach projects in South America, and with local homeless support services. When I'm not working I'm usually training for triathlons somewhere on the South Downs. City Angels is an incredibly worthwhile project to be involved in, so if you'd like to volunteer please contact me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01243 531898