In 2010 Revelation Church (now Revelation Family Church) started a conversation with Chichester District Council about a ‘Street Angels’ project for the city centre. This led to some research being undertaken on the needs and resources required to start and run a project like this in Chichester city centre. It was through this process that we came up with the idea for City Angels in 2011. This bespoke idea and plans received support from both the District Council, Sussex Police and more widely from Chichester Safety Partnership (CSP). We also work closely with ChiBAC (Chichester Businesses Against Crime).

Throughout 2011 a number of local churches came on board to partner with Revelation from across many denominational streams.

Late in 2011 we started to receive funding from various agencies for the project. This led us to start training our team of volunteers and purchase the City Angels' van.

The van went out with its first team of volunteers in December 2011 doing some test runs. In January 2012 the weekly service on Friday nights was launched with over 70 volunteers trained.

Throughout 2012 we saw a 56% reduction in violent crime and a 61% reduction in alcohol related admissions to A&E at St Richards Hospital during the times we were serving our community.

In 2013 we saw the launch of City Angels Saturday Nights. At present City Angels are out on every 1st and last Saturday of every month which has brought the statistics down even further. Violence Against the Person resulting in Injury to an individual dropped an amazing 79% on Fridays and an astonishing 82% on Saturdays according to Sussex Police Crime data.

Due to the great success and growing acknowledgment of City Angels, the project has received the following awards: from  Outstanding Excellence in Partnership Award from Sussex Police in 2013; The Observer Community Award for Best Community Project in 2013; and Chichester City Council Community Award in 2017.