What do we do -
City Angels are all people who believe that actions speak louder than words and that love wins the day. We are a non-statutory body that are there for people when they need us. It may just be that a hot chocolate is all that is needed to help make your evening complete but we are ready to help in any way we can.

Our Aims -
We have four simple aims at City Angels:

  • To be a calming presence in the city centre
  • To be provide a safe place in the city centre
  • To be a listening ear
  • To act as a signpost to other agencies that can help people

More info on our aims

Being a calming and positive influence on the city centre - We work hard with others on the streets to set a positive tone. Our desire is that people can have a fun and enjoyable evening whilst being safe. A smile and a friendly chat can often go a long way.

Provide a Safe Place - When your evening goes wrong, where can you go to get help, seek advice or be safe? City Angels play an important role in helping and assisting vulnerable people to be safe.

Being a listening ear - It is said the greatest need of the human soul is to be heard. In the busyness of a Friday night most business staff and Police are understandably too busy to have time to stop and listen to someone. This is a really important aspect of what we do as we know that early intervention can stop potentially serious situations escalating. This is hard to measure but a critical part of the work we do.

Signposting - As well as a listening ear in the moment, one of the things we are passionate about is long-term help. A drinking binge or violence is often a symptom for something much deeper troubling someone. If people wish, we are able to refer them onto other more specialised agencies that can provide further focused support needed focusing on the root of the problem.

Projects like this have seen a significant effect in improving personal safety and consequently having a positive effect in seeing crime levels drop in towns and cities across the UK. Like many city centres, Friday and Saturday nights see crime spikes in anti-social behaviour, violent crime, drug crime and sexual crime.